Installing Prodigy for non technical people

I have been using Prodigy for the past few months and I am interested to purchase enterprise license if I can easily install that for other non technical users.

I was wondering if there is an easy installation way ( double click, etc) where user can install prodigy and use the UI for labeling it or if I can push specific pipeline (i.e: llm labeling, normal labeling, etc) too all the users in our enterprise where they can simply double click and have that UI up.

My goal is that I can pass different text, image, etc to different employees where they can label those data.

hi @shahinshirazi!

Thanks for your comments. We're rethinking our product offerings including an enhanced company pack along with Prodigy Teams and would love to talk more with you 1:1. I sent you a follow up email. Look forward to chatting soon!

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