Installation without check the https certificate


I am trying to install Prodigy with this command "pip install prodigy -f" but I have some issues with the certificate. Is it possible to force it to not check the certificate like with ``pip install --trusted-host --trusted-host xxx" ?

Thank you.

Hi @samux,

Sorry you’re having issues. We’ll look into an alternative solution but another possible option (may require a certificate) is to download any wheel via browser. If you try then put your license key as the username, you can see and download any wheel file. If this doesn’t work, worst case we can email you wheel files. Let me know if the first option works.

Hi Ryan,

I will try it and see if it works with our server.

Thank you for the help.

Hi Ryan,

I solved this by first installing "pip-system-certs" using the "--trusted-host xxx" arguments. After that, I installed Prodigy with the wheel file.

Thank you again for the help,

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