Id's attached to Entity Ruler patterns persist to Entity Recognizer?

Hi guys,

I was very happy to find that the EntityRuler is able to take patterns with additional id's. I was hoping to use these id's for a slightly different use case - to group ENTs. For example, both a cheese burger and mushroom burger could get label: MENU, id: burger. However, once I train the ner model on top of the entity ruler, can I persist these id's somehow to match the entities?


I see that the id does persist to the entity, but if the entity does not exactly match the pattern, would the id persist?

Or should I consider adding a EntityRuler or 'Matcher' after the ner model as well that has additional match patterns that include something like [{"ENT_TYPE": 'MENU'}, {}, {"LOWER": "burger"}, {"id": "burger"}]. Not sure I can add id's to a matcher though.