Pre-Annotation Cannot Capture Entiity

I have pre annotated with spacy with Entity Ruler for building a model in Prodigy but some of the patterns cannot be identified by the ruler.
Ex: pattern = [{'label': 'A', 'pattern': [{'LOWER': 'PP'}]}]
It is seen that it didnot find the entity? what's the reason behind it? I have used below lines for the ruler:

nlp = spacy.blank("en")
ruler = nlp.add_pipe('entity_ruler')

Hi @ta13,

I am curious as to what recipe are you using for pre-annotation? If it's ner.correct + a model saved with the entity ruler, then it should work because the entities are in doc.ents.

Perhaps you can try using the --patterns argument, it takes the same format as the EntityRuler and will highlight all matches.