Pre Annotate Data with Pattern

I have some patterns and want to pre-annotate the dataset using the pattern. I know ner.manual will highlight the words and I can assert it as correct or wrong. But I don't want to check it manually. I want to set all the pre-highlighted text as correct and make it as trainable format and train it. What will be procedure then?

Hi @ta13, welcome to Prodigy!

If you don't want to annotate, you can just use spaCy instead: use the EntityRuler with your patterns, and save the annotated samples.

One that's done, you can either:

From those formats, you can already start training :slight_smile:

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When I work with entity ruler, I found these error:

After using create_pipe() though it's a built in component, I found this:
What should I do?

This sounds like perhaps you're using spaCy v2? Could you upgrade to a more recent version of spaCy v3?

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