How to upgrade versions?

Hi do we get an email with each new version and we need to redownload the prodigy app each time or is there a way to just update the package? I jsut noticed I am still 1.1.0

Yes, whenever a new version is released, you should receive an email sent to the address specified at checkout. You’ll then be able to download the new wheel via your personal download link.

Because Prodigy doesn’t “phone home” or otherwise connects to our servers, we can’t provide an update command that does this for you. You should be able to simply pip install the new wheel in the same environment, and Prodigy will upgrade itself (and any dependencies, if necessary).

Hi, we haven’t received an email for the newest version from Feb 18th (1.7.0) Can you please resend it to me?

@daskalov Sure! Could you send us an email to and include your order ID (starting with #EX…)?