how to resume annotations after getting out of the server?

Can I resume my annotations using ner.correct ?? as there are many documents to manual annotate it takes a lot of time to do it so using ner.correct can i resume the task??

Hi! If you exit the server and then restart it with the same dataset and the same input data, Prodigy should skip all examples that are already annotated and in the dataset, and you'll be able to resume from where you left off.

Thank you !!

Hi! Sorry to participate in such an old discussion (March 23!), but I'm having the same problem as annaakhil. In my case, I'm using Prodigy's 3 month trial version (we're a research group and we want to buy it, but first we must test it), and I'm using my own recipe that combines text classification and manual name entity recognition. However, every time I get off the server, it "forgets" the annotations I have previously done (even though I have saved them and if I use db-out they're there). Is there anything I'm doing incorrectly? Thanks a lot!!