Skip annotation and annotate later


I recently purchased Prodigy, pretty cool tool.

I am using Prodigy for NER. Some times I am interested in annotating some specific sentences first (in terms of prioritization). However, I can't find a way to "skip" annotations and come back later to annotate them. Is this possible in Prodigy ?

In other words, imagine a sentence"A" pops up, I want to skip, I do not want to reject it, it has some NEs, but I prefer to annotate it later and focus on other NE.


Hi @medico , welcome to Prodigy!

One thing you can do is to hit IGNORE and queue them up in another session. After annotating these ignored samples, you can add them again to the same dataset. This means exporting the output via db-out, and then filtering the samples where "answer" == "ignore" in a script. Later on, you can add them back again to the same dataset.

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Thanks, cristal clear.