how to jump to next line in veiw id text input ?

so I have a recipe to stream image to the prodigy and a text input area where annotators will input the text that is in the image. so if you see the example below, we have an image of a page and since a page has more than one line of text. When the first line of the text is typed and when pressed enter to jump the cursor to the next line to type the second line of text from the image, it doesn't work or go to the next line. How do I make changes to the recipe so that it does or to add multiple text lines in the text input ?

below is my recipe

def image_to_text_recipe(dataset, jsonl_file):"dataset:{dataset}, jsonl_file_path:{jsonl_file}")
    blocks = [ 
        {"view_id": "image"},
        {"view_id": "text_input"}
    return {
        "dataset": dataset,
        "stream": stream_from_jsonl(jsonl_file),
        "view_id": "blocks",
        "config": {
            "blocks": blocks,
            "editable": True

def stream_from_jsonl(jsonl_file):
    with as reader:
        for line in reader:
            image_id = line["id"]
            obj_key = line["image_url"]
            text = line["user_input"]
            image_url = get_new_url(obj_key)
            eg = {"id": image_id, "image": image_url, "user_input": text}
            yield set_hashes(eg, input_keys=("id"))```

I think you need to configure a set amount of field rows in order to add a newline. Have you seen this section? You'll need to configure something like:

  "field_id": "user_input",
  "field_label": "User input field",
  "field_placeholder": "Type here...",
  "field_rows": 6,
  "field_autofocus": false

I would set the number of field rows to be relatively high. That way, an image with a large number of rows won't require a restart of the server to update.