I set `text_input` in the `review` interface, but I can only enter one character.

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I'm using the review interface and the same thing happens.
text_input can only type in one character per time.
Also, the same applies when the --view-id review option is added using the mark interface.
The version is v1.11.5.
How can I solve it?

Hi @kaorisugi , sorry for taking the time to answer this! Wondering if you're still experiencing this? Unfortunately, I can't seem to replicate it on my end. Do you have a sample recipe that I can use to debug further?

Thank you for your response and I am sorry for the late response.
I haven't solved this problem yet. Below are my commands and config.

PRODIGY_CONFIG='prodigy.json' prodigy review review_test dataset_name1,dataset_name2 --show-skipped --auto-accept
    "_view_id": "blocks",
    "blocks": [
            "view_id": "classification",
            "text": ""
            "view_id": "diff",
            "text": ""
            "view_id": "text_input",
            "field_label": "comment",
            "field_id": "comment"
#Sample of db-out dataset_name1
{"text": "This are sample.\n\nThis is sample.", "added": "This are sample.", "removed": "This is sample.", "label": ["Wrong_ sentence"], "_input_hash": 1609717058, "_task_hash": 1693493464, "_session_id": "dataset-name1", "_view_id": "blocks", "answer": "reject", "_timestamp": 1629695427, "_annotator_id": "dataset-name1"}

When I type a character in the text_input field, every time I type a character, the field becomes inactive and I have to select it many times.

Hi thanks for reporting this. Can confirm that this is definitely a bug. Currently working on a fix!

Thank you for making sure. I'm looking forward to your efforts!

@kaorisugi @ljvmiranda921 Was there a resolution to this? Running into the same problem now. Thanks! :slight_smile: