`text_input` can only type in one character per time.

I set a input box for the annotaion task. However, I can only type one character at a time, which seems to be caused by hotkeys. How to solve this problem?

Thanks for the report! You mean that the input field loses focus after typing a character (and updating the task), right? Pretty sure I already fixed this and just building the wheels for the next release :slightly_smiling_face:

(Btw, testing this brought up another issue that I don't yet have a good solution for: if you're using the keyboard shortcuts and have blocks for choice and ner_manual, the shortcuts overlap and you're selecting both the option and the label. I think this should be solvable by allowing to remap the number shortcuts via the blocks.)

Thanks for your quick reply! I will have a try!

Okay, v1.9.3 should be live now :slightly_smiling_face: