Using multiple text_input fields with different placeholders from the stream

Hi Prodigy community,
does anyone know, whether it's possible to have multiple text_input fields and load different placeholders by the stream (using the JSON loader)?
Thanks in advance! :hugs:

Hi! In general, you can set up multiple text inputs via the blocks UI and give them different IDs (the field the value is saved to) and placeholders:

blocks = [
    {"view_id": "text_input", "field_id": "field_a", "field_placeholder": "Placeholder A"},
    {"view_id": "text_input", "field_id": "field_b", "field_placeholder": "Placeholder B"},
    # etc.

However, this does require the IDs and placeholders to be defined once at the recipe level. The field_id and field_placeholder here basically overwrite whatever is in the underlying JSON data.

If you want your blocks to have different placeholders depending on the task, that's a little more involved. In theory, the "blocks" config you return from a recipe is just a config setting that can also be overwritten by an individual task. So this should work:

{"text": "...", "config": {"blocks": [...}}

So each task could specify its own blocks with input fields and their own placeholders. You probably want to add these to your stream in Python in your custom recipe.