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Hey there,

I just got my license key yesterday but unfortunately I cannot seem to download the file from The message I see is “We are preparing your files for download. Files are normally ready in under a minute but you can safely close this window if you do not wish to wait.”. After more than an hour and trying in both Chrome and Firefox with ad block switched off, the file is still not downloading. What can I do now?


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Stuart Reid

Really sorry about that :disappointed: This seems to be affecting all orders at the moment and I’ve already filed a support ticket. Currently waiting to hear back from SendOwl.

If it’s not resolved soon, feel free to email us at with your order ID and the platform installer you need and I’ll email it over as soon as I get back to the office. Sorry again!

No problem, I’ll try again tomorrow :-). Thanks for the quick reply and update.

Should be resolved now :tada: Thanks for your patience on this!

Hi Ines,

Same here: I can't seem to download the file from
It is stucked at "We are preparing your files..." message (though it is in French for me...)


Thanks for the heads-up, I just checked and this seems to be a problem for all orders at the moment :thinking: So I assume it's a temporary issue with SendOwl. I'll file a support ticket!

Edit: Okay, heard back from SendOwl and got a workaround. So it should work again now!

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