Extracting annotations from database


I have a dataset I have been annotating with image.manual in the following way:

prodigy image.manual test2 Downloads/images --label DOG,CAT,HAMSTER

For the different categories I press 1, 2 or 3 depending on the class and then press a to get the next sample to label. I don’t care about polygons etc.
When finished, I press Ctrl+S and the annotations are saved. Now I want to load these annotations and use
prodigy db-out test2 > out.jsonl

I open the jsonl, but I cannot find the assigned label? I find the following keys:

dict_keys(['image', 'text', 'meta', '_input_hash', '_task_hash', '_session_id', '_view_id', 'width', 'height', 'answer'])

Answer always contain accept.
Aren’t the labels saved?

If you’re annotating with image.manual, you’re adding bounding boxes to the text – so the bounding boxes you drew on the image should be available as the key "spans". Each entry in the spans will contain a "label" and the "points", describing the x/y pixel coordinates of the bounding boxes. Since single image can contain multiple spans with different labels – so there won’t be a global “label” value.

If all you want to do is assign a global label to an image, you probably don’t want to be using the image.manual recipe. Instead, you probably want to be doing something similar to this example recipe using the "choice" interface, just with "image" instead of "text": https://prodi.gy/docs/workflow-custom-recipes#example-choice Alternatively, you could also stream in your images and a "label" and click accept/reject in the "classification" UI.