Manual Image Annotation: Duplicate Image


I am trying to annotate image with labels. Currently I have 10 images with 3 labels for testing. When I start annotating, sometimes I get duplicate images which have been annotated before. How can I solve the problem?


Are you sure that you have saved the images? Do you hit the save button in the interface? If not, the images aren't saved in the database, and this can cause Prodigy to prompt you again.

Also, just to double check, are you using a custom recipe?

Hi Koaning

  1. After annotating each individual images, I select accept and after completing all of them, I save them. Do I need to save each image after accepting everytime?
  2. I am using prodigy provided recipe, not custom ones.


Hi @koaning , it would be great to have your comment.

Sorry about that! I figured I'd go through a few small steps that you can try to repeat since I don't experience the same behavior on my machine.

I started running image.manual locally and gave it a folder with images of my cats.

python -m prodigy image.manual issue-5815 images --label noa,sok

This is what an annotation looks like.

First, I'll hit accept.

This gives me a new image, but this also shows this "save" icon. I will hit that before moving on.

I can now confirm that an image has indeed been saved by hitting CTRL + C in the terminal and running db-out:

python -m prodigy db-out issue-5815

If I now start the server once again.

python -m prodigy image.manual issue-5815 images --label noa,sok

Then I don't see the same first image that I started with.

The main thing I want to make sure, before moving on, is that you pressed the "save" button and that the issue persists. You shouldn't need to save them after every annotation, but the base setting is to auto-save every 10 items (this is determined by the batch_size setting in your prodigy.json.

If the issue persists on your end, could you confirm if you have a modern Prodigy version?