Expired licence today so no 1.9?

My licence just expired today and then the download link doesn't work anymore. Is there no way to get the latest release (since v1.9 was just released yesterday or today?)

Hi! The email you received today was a reminder and doesn't necessarily mean your license expired today. We've been very generous with patch releases to make sure nobody gets stuck on bugs. So if you received the reminder today, it means that your free upgrades expired sometime between v1.8 (May 2019 I think) and yesterday.

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Ah I see. My licence was bought Dec 10th 2018 so I suppose I just missed it. Oh well renewal it is :v:

In fact I just renewed my licence but the download link still doesn't work and I didn't get a new link?

... maybe I'm just impatient :blush:

It was just me being impatient. I've got it now - yay

Yay! And yes, it's not always instant because we first need to check that the details are correct and your order ID exists etc. And then it's approved and reactivated :slightly_smiling_face: