Error: address already in use

This is a really basic question, but I haven't been able to find an answer yet. I want to get rid of the current json file I am annotating and start annotating another one (the data I was previously annotating is no longer relevant to the project). Every time I try to open the new json in prodigy with prodigy ner.manual I get [Errno 48] error while attempting to bind on address ('::1', 8080, 0, 0): address already in use . Then the link http://localhost:8888 opens to the old file I was annotating. I also attempted prodigy drop and got rid of the old database in SQLite. It still didn't fix the problem. For context I am working in a terminal and it is not multi-user. How do I change the file I am annotating in prodigy? Thanks for the help!

hi @bulldog903!

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Prodigy community :wave:

I suspect you have an old session still running. After each time you run Prodigy e.g., python -m prodigy ... you need stop it when you're done by pressing CTRL + C.

What I think you're doing is trying to run a second process on the same 8080 port (hence "address already in use").

What do you see when you run:

sudo lsof -i :8080

If see something running, find the pid and then run:

kill -9 <PID>

This will kill that session and hopefully you can run a new session.

Also, did you mean you tried to open http://localhost:8080, not http://localhost:8888? By default, when you run a Prodigy process, it'll serve it on the 8080 port so you'd need to view http://localhost:8080. Make sure you're looking at the correct port in your local browser as this could be a problem too.

Hope this helps!