'entity_ruler' already exists in pipeline.

Hi @ines,
I am trying to create dataset using EntityRuler but leading to below error.

de_nlp = spacy.load('de_core_news_lg', disable=['ner'])
e_ruler = EntityRuler(de_nlp, overwrite_ents=True)
e_ruler.phrase_matcher = PhraseMatcher(de_nlp.vocab, attr='LOWER')
# e_ruler.name = 'e_ruler'
local_spacy_doc = de_nlp(large_text) 

raise ValueError(Errors.E007.format(name=name, opts=self.pipe_names))
ValueError: [E007] 'entity_ruler' already exists in pipeline. Existing names: ['tagger', 'parser', 'entity_ruler']

Spacy version: 2.3.2

May I know what is wrong in my code?