Adding large patterns (500000 patterns) to EntityRuler runs for hours


I have a large dataset with 500000 patterns to add to add_patterns of EntityRuler. I have tried disabling other pipes as suggested on the website but it still doesnt fix the issue. PFB my code and help me out.

nlp = spacy.load("en_core_web_sm")
disabled = nlp.disable_pipes("tagger", "parser", "ner")
ruler = EntityRuler(nlp, overwrite_ents=True)

reader = df.to_dict("records")
ruler.overwrite_ents = True

for row in reader:
ruler.add_patterns([{"label": row["feature code"], "pattern": row["asciiname"]}])

nlp.add_pipe(ruler, before='ner')

text = open("city.txt",encoding="latin-1").read()
doc = nlp(text)

print([ (ent.text, ent.label_) for ent in doc.ents ])

Thank you so much for your help.