Editing image label after undo not reflected

Hello, I am pretty new to Prodigy and I tried using it for image annotation.

I noticed that when I use image.manual, if for some reason

  1. I make a mistake in the labeling (wrong label to object)
  2. confirm the annotations with the green button
  3. try to go back to correct my mistake by using the history pane, and
  4. correct the mistake by correctly labeling, confirm again

if I go back in the history again, and review the image, the label looks still wrong (so step 4 seems not to have had any effect). This is a bit funky to explain but you can see the behavior in the animation below.

Can anyone else reproduce this or is it only me experiencing this?


Thanks for the report – this sounds similar to the following issue, which should have been fixed in v1.8 :thinking:

I wonder if this only happens in cases where you only edit the label after an undo action instead of adding or removing bounding boxes. Anyway, I'll look into this!

That's exactly the case I encountered: no removal of bounding box, just trying to override the label seems to fail to have any effect. Thanks for your prompt reply!
I'll check if deleting the box and replacing it with a rightly-labeled one works instead, but I would note that this is quite a bit more time consuming (many more clicks needed to simply swap a label)

Okay, confirmed that this is what was happening and already fixed it. The fix will be included in the next release :+1:

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