Edit an existing recipe.

I want to load the code of an existing recipe. e.g I want to activate the loading bar in texcat.manual. Instead of infinite I want to see the total number of examples in the dataset.

So I need the existing code of texcat.manual so that I can implement this:

Hi! If you want to see the exact recipe code used by your version of Prodigy, you can find the source in recipes/ in your Prodigy installation. If you run the prodigy stats command, it'll show you where to find the local installation.

If you want to try things out, you can edit the files in your local installation and save them – this is the easiest way to hack around :sweat_smile: You can also copy-paste the recipe code to a separate file, edit the source however you like, give it a custom name and then load it like any other custom recipe. You can also find examples of various workflows in our recipes repo: GitHub - explosion/prodigy-recipes: 🍳 Recipes for the Prodigy, our fully scriptable annotation tool