When is the model called and the scores updated in the textcat teach method

I am trying to build a custom recipe for binary classification. I used the custom-recipe code as a template. On checking the logs I saw that the model call function was only being called once while the update function was being called on receiving every 10 answers. It wasn't being called on the updated model to get new scores. I was wondering how I can check the overall flow of the code-base to understand the process better. This was also the case when I directly used the custom-recipe code prodigy's repo

hi @AnshulP10!

Thanks for your question and welcome to the Prodigy community :wave:

The textcat.teach recipe will only suggest you examples to annotate. This is different than the textcat.correct which if you add in --update flag, it will update the model.

There are other posts that have mention ways to use the update callback to update the textcat.teach model:

The best way to understand is by logging, which it sounds like you were already doing.

However, if you want to see/modify those recipes, you can look in the folder of where you've installed Prodigy. You can find the location of your Prodigy installation by running python -m prodigy stats and find the Location folder printed out (for you'd look for the recipes/textcat.py)

Hope this helps!