textcat.manual recipe not found

I tried to do manual classification corpus and used this command:

prodigy textcat.manual categorization_ex test_data.csv --label Politics,Sports,Economy

Then i have this error:

ERROR: Can't find recipe or command 'textcat.manual'.

I checked the init.py in the recipies, it seems to have textcat imported.

Which version of Prodigy are you using? You can check by running the prodigy stats. The textcat.manual recipe was added in Prodigy v1.8, so if your version is older, that explains why it's not available. You can either upgrade, or implement your own custom recipe that streams in text and adds options (see here for an example).

I am using 1.7.1

This makes sense then – the recipe was only added in v1.8, so v1.7.1 doesn't have it yet.

Thank you. I will upgrade soon.