dep view missing when trying dep.teach

I am trying to use dep.teach to review the dependecies but I get the following message which I am reading to mean that the dep view is not available (although I believe it should be).

view_id value is not a valid enumeration member; permitted: 'text', 'classification', 'ner', 'ner_manual', 'pos', 'pos_manual', 'image', 'image_manual', 'html', 'choice', 'diff', 'compare', 'review', 'text_input', 'blocks', 'audio', 'audio_manual'

{'view_id': 'dep', 'dataset': 'mimic_cxr', 'stream': <prodigy.components.sorters.ExpMovingAverage object at 0x7f8002fe7c88>, 'update': <bound method DependencyParser.update of <prodigy.models.dep.DependencyParser object at 0x7f8002faf080>>, 'exclude': None, 'config': {'lang': 'en'}}

Can anyone shed any light on this.

Thanks for the report – that's weird, it seems like the validation isn't checking against the full list of interfaces :thinking:

In the meantime, you can set "validate": false in your prodigy.json to disable validation. This should make everything work as expected. I'll fix the underlying problem for the next release!

Thanks again Ines

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