Capturing metadata along with the annotations.

Hi Team,
I'm looking to create custom annotations using Prodigy, with a specific focus on incorporating additional information such as user details, notes, and creation time into the annotation process. The use case I have in mind involves a popover during annotation creation, where this extra information can be saved.

Is there a way to embed these details into the annotations, so that they can be retrieved later along with the annotation itself? The goal is to be able to access information about the user, the time the annotation was created, and any related notes at a later time. Any guidance on implementing this functionality would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Harsha,

Have you tried to include that with the meta tag in the input (source) file? We describe it in the docs.

What's neat with it is Prodigy will then show those meta tags to the user in the interface.

For example, if your input (source) file is (notice the "meta" key):

{"text":"Uber\u2019s Lesson: Silicon Valley\u2019s Start-Up Machine Needs Fixing","meta":{"source":"The New York Times"}}

Prodigy will show this example as:

Prodigy will by default capture the timestamp _timestamp so you should see those in the annotations. But any "meta" data will also be passed to the annotations dataset.

If you want to allow the user to create notes too, you can use blocks for a custom interface to create a free form text input. We described a use case of this in the Posh Case study.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @ryanwesslen for the prompt response, I will give this a try and keep you posted.