Adding other info for annotation

Hi, I'm new here. I'm looking for a tool for my specific task and want to know if I can do it with Prodigy.
I have a dataset for both NER and text classification, but the point is there are other features (columns) in the dataset that can be helpful for the annotation. I want to be able to show the full row in my annotation tool, the annotators would only annotate on a single field but they would be able to see other columns that might help them. Can I do that with Prodigy?

Thank you!

Hi @NA_TA,

You can customize the Prodigy UI to show arbitrary information. For this particular case you probably want to combine ner_manual or classification view with the html view via blocks.
In your custom recipe, you will need a function that translates your data into the format required by these interfaces (which you can find in the docs I linked).
For the html block, you could also add custom styling via css if you'd like.
I invite you the check our docs on custom interfaces where we have some examples how to achieve similar objectives and of course let us know if you need more support.

Thank you @magdaaniol