Can't find recipe or command 'bert.ner.manual'

Hey, I got the error when using prodigy bert.ner.manual

My spacy environment is as follows and prodigy version is 1.11.8.

Do you know how i can use the bert.ner.manual recipe?

hi @ruiyeNLP!

Thanks for your question!

That recipe is posted on our GitHub repo for prodigy-recipes:

The documentation has a button with the link but I can understand as it's easy to overlook. With this file, you can then run the recipe by referencing the name of the file with -F like:

prodigy bert.ner.manual ... -F

Hope this helps!

True, my command was as below. But the error occurred then.

prodigy bert.ner.manual data_5_trf ./input/data_5_ground_truth_1.0.jsonl --label RIGHTV,RIGHTN,ACCESSV,ACCESSN --tokenizer-vocab ./bert-base-uncased-vocab.txt --lowercase --hide-wp-prefix -F

hi @ruiyeNLP,

To be clear, in order to run that command did you take the python script I provided, renamed it, and it is located in the current directory where you're running the command? If you have a script recipe, using the -F command will use that recipe.

Thanks. It worked now. The issue was that was not in the current directory.