Cannot annotate using browser in Mobile/Tablet

Hi all,

I am using Prodigy 1.13 to do the NER annotation (ner.manual), but when I trying to annotate using the browser (Firefox/Chrome) installed on my smartphone/tablet, I can not select the text that I want to annotate. If using the browser in my laptop or computer, it doesn't have a problem.

Can you help me?

Thank you

Hi there.

I can confirm this is the case on my iPhone as well. I think the phone's OS is capturing the highlight event because it assumes that you may want to copy the selected text into another app. While this makes sense for most applications, it does block the browser's document selection API.

Will check in with colleagues about this and will ping back when I have more info. Thanks for reporting this!

Thank you Vincent,

This is very important for us to annotate using the mobile/tablet device. I hope that I will get an update from you soon.

I've been exploring this some more and I've also been discussing it with colleagues and I fear that I have some bad news: the operating system of the device itself is working against us here.

When you try to select anything in a browser, the operating system kicks in because it assumes that you're trying to copy the text that you've selected. This effectively blocks the browser events that we need to capture the selection on the Prodigy frontend. I've tried looking for ways to turn it off but it really seems baked into the OS/Device.

There may be a browser app that blocks this behavior but I've not been able to find a setting/browser that does this. My impression is that this is a design choice from Apple, so I'm also not sure if there's anything we can do about it.

If anybody else is reading this on the forum and has ideas: please do share! I'll gladly hear it if I'm missing something.

I've started a thread on Twitter to see if more folks have ideas.