Doccano like NER annotation UX

Hi! Is it possible to implement doccano like NER annotation workflow:

  1. select text
  2. pick a category from the category list (drop down close to the selected text).

Thank you!

Hi! Prodigy's label selection UI currently follows a slightly different approach: by selecting the label first, you can annotate one label at a time and potentially save yourself a lot of clicks, because you'll only have to select a label once. It also means the UI doesn't need another interaction layer or context menu and all possible actions are visible to the annotator immediately. That's the underlying idea :slightly_smiling_face:

(For completeness, I guess it'd theoretically be possible to implement a context menu, but it'd be a bit more involved: you'd have to listen to the prodigyspanselected event that fires whenever a span is highlighted, then include the context menu at the cursor position via JavaScript, track the most recently added span and then update the label via window.prodigy.update based on what the user clicks.)