Bug? Cannot select 1st token on NER task (mobile version)

Hi Prodigy team,

First of all, thanks for the great tool! :slight_smile:

I have been using Prodigy for a span annotation task with the view_id "ner_manual". Recently, I found an odd behavior in the mobile UI: apparently, I cannot seem to be able to annotate the 1st token of each task -- if the label I want to assign spans for more than 2 tokens, the UI works as intended; but if I want to annotate just the 1st token, Prodigy doesn't allow me to select it.

I can replicate the same behavior in the Prodigy Live Demo for "ner_manual". So I think it is not related to my server or the recipes I have; but I am happy to provide more pointers in case it helps debugging.

My mobile specs:

  • Operating system: Android 9
  • Phone: Pixel 3
  • Build number: PQ3A. 190705.003
  • Browser: Chrome 75.0.03770.101

I tested the "ner_manual" Live Demo on 2 other devices (Nexus 5, Pixel 2) and I can replicate the same issue. The Desktop version works fine though, it is just the mobile version that shows this problem.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the detailed report – this definitely sounds like a bug. I’ll look into this :+1: Glad to hear it’s working well on mobile otherwise, though!