Unable to get drop down in annotation interface

I would like to have drop-down for annotation interfaces like what I see in prodigy demo. Is there anyways to do it ? Like, I want to have both Manual and non-manul NER option avaliable like I see in the demo on the site. Should i pass multiple view_id or ?

At the moment, there are two interface options:

  • ner: Annotate incoming "spans", normally used via the ner.teach recipe.
  • ner_manual: Annotate raw, tokenized text and set "spans", normally used via the ner.manual recipe.

The two interfaces can’t be combined at the moment – i.e. you can’t correct and manually annotate already existing spans using the manual interface. However, this is already planned for the next version, as a new and improved version of the ner.make-gold recipe (see my comment here for details.)