Can I get invoice if I purchase your Prodigy product ?

Sorry, I’m not sure if this question is proper to be asked here. I send you email but got no reply.

@honnibal Could you help on this question ? thank you so much.

Thanks for your question and sorry you didn’t receive a reply yesterday – we were both travelling!

To answer your question: Yes, when you purchase Prodigy, you will receive a transaction receipt from our online store, as well as a payment confirmation from either Stripe or PayPal. If you need a more formal invoice, that’s no problem either – just send us your order ID and we’ll issue you one and send it over as a PDF :blush:

Hi, hoping I can get a PDF invoice please as unable to locate the transaction receipt. Would appreciate your help. Thanks

Sure! Just email us at with your order ID etc. and we’ll send it over :slightly_smiling_face:

Perfect. Thanks!