Auto Save

Sorry for bringing back to this topic, but I defined batch_size=5 and the examples are not automatically saved, neither if I close the window nor if I shut down the server. I'm using

Hi Zuzanna,

the original thread is a bit dated by now and may no longer reflect the current codebase. If you feel like there's a persistent bug ... do you have a reproducible example that we might follow locally? Any extra settings that you're using in particular that aren't working as expected?

Also, what Python/Prodigy version are you running?

Hi @koaning

Version 1.11.13
Python Version 3.10.10
Ok, I understand, it was my mistake, the next batch has to be completed and only the previous one will be saved automatically, e.g. batch 5, 11 tasks done, only 5 first are saved.

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