Annotations don't seem to have been saved automatically

I have been trying to set up an annotation project, and during testing, it appeared that annotations were not automatically saved to the EXAMPLE table even when a full batch of 10 documents had been annotated (in fact, I annotated more than 20 documents, and none was saved). I didn't specify the batch_size in the prodigy.json configuration file, so I assume a full batch is 10 documents by default. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi! In addition to the batch that Prodigy collects and sends to the server once it's full, the app also always keeps the examples in the history. It used to be 10 examples, and as of v1.10+, you can customise the number with the history_size (it just can't be larger than the batch size).

So if you're using a batch size of 10 and a history size of 10, the first batch of examples should be sent back to the server when you annotate the example 21. You can also inspect the outgoing API requests the app makes to /give_answers in the background.