Ner.manual auto save annotations

Is it possible to setup auto save of annotations?

In other threads batch_size parameters is mentioned, but it is not described in docs.

Thank you!


In your prodigy.json configuration file (usually located in a .prodigy folder in your home directory), you can set:

"instant_submit": true

and that will ensure that each annotation is saved automatically, so you won't have to push the "save" button or rely on batch-save anymore.

The documentation of the configuration options is here:

Got it. Thank you very much!

Hi! Just to clarify a bit more: Prodigy will always auto-save in the background once a full batch is ready. It will also keep the latest annotations on the client so you can easily hit "undo" without having to reconcile conflicts on the server. By default, the batch size is 10 and this is also the number of examples kept in the history, and the number of examples sent back.

If you want to auto-save more frequently in the background, you might be fine with just setting a lower batch size. "instant_submit" means you lose the ability to undo, which can be inconvenient for a lot of use cases (it's mostly intended for workflows where you want to trigger some action instantly based on the user's decision).