Choose task item based on previous annotation

I am wondering if there is a way to choose the item to annotate based on the immediately previous submitted annotation. Currently, I have implemented a recipe with a task streamer which queries the database example table to get the most recent annotation and decide what the next task item should be. The problem is that even with batchsize=1, the example table does not get updated the first time the annotator hits accept. There is a “delay” where the table is only updated 2 annotations later.

I tried batchsize=0, but that did not work. Is there a way to effectively set batchsize=0 so that the table is immediately updated after the annotator submits accept/reject/ignore without using a batch queue? I realize this would prevent annotators from going back to the previous annotation to undo/correct a bad annotation. But I don’t need that for my use case. Thanks!

At the moment, no – but a similar request came up in a different thread the other day and I’ve since been thinking about what we could do here:

It probably makes sense to decouple this from the batch size and add a setting like instant_submit or something similar. Regardless of the batch size, this would then immediately send an answer back to the server, as soon as they’re answered.

Yes, this would be perfect! Thanks for clarifying – we’ll work around it for now.