authentication out of the box

I would like to add authentication capabilities and i am confused since there are some workarounds here in the support forum describing different approaches for authenticating prodigy.

is there a standard (out of the box) authentication for prodigy?
I could not find this in the readme.html and gettingstarted files.

thanks in advance

You can set up the basic auth using the environment variables PRODIGY_BASIC_AUTH_USER and PRODIGY_BASIC_AUTH_PASS. See here for an example:

If you want a fully custom solution, you could also add you own authentication miniservice that asks the user to log in and then starts up the server and redirects them. You can find different approaches for this on the forum.

thank you.
can this be set into the .prodigy/prodigy.json file?
case sensitive?

No, these are environment variables. It’s usually best to define usernames and passwords as environment variables when you run a script, and not hard-coded in a JSON file on your machine.