Is it possible to configure the path to the prodigy.json file via a command line option?

Normally, I would run “–help” after a binary to find this out, but Prodigy’s help menu doesn’t return the typical example usage output that I am used to. I know it’s not “-F” as that is the path to a custom recipe. Hopefully I just glossed over something in the documentation and this is already available.

Yes, you can use the PRODIGY_HOME environment variable to change the location of the directory (by default, ~/.prodigy or the equivalent). Alternatively, Prodigy will also check the current working directory, which lets you overwrite the global settings – for example, on a per-project basis.

We could add an overview of all environment variables to the --help menu (similar to the one in the README, which was just added for the last release). Anything else you would expect to find in that overview? Always open for suggestions!