audio.manual not showing video when using video-server loader


I have some large video files I wanted to annotate so tried using the video-server loader from a local file. To test I downloaded the example video from the docs (audio_manual_example_video.mp4). When using the video loader it works fine, but when using video-server, it is blank where the video is meant to be (screenshot attached). I've pasted in the logging data below in case that gives any clues. Any ideas for how I can troubleshoot further?


python3 -m prodigy audio.manual speaker_data /Users/aaronconway/recordings --loader video-server --label pain_yes,pain_no

11:36:49: INIT: Setting all logging levels to 20

11:36:49: RECIPE: Calling recipe 'audio.manual'

Using 2 label(s): pain_yes, pain_no

11:36:49: RECIPE: Starting recipe audio.manual

11:36:49: LOADER: Loading stream from video-server

11:36:49: LOADER: Rehashing stream

11:36:49: CONFIG: Using config from global prodigy.json

11:36:49: VALIDATE: Validating components returned by recipe

11:36:49: CONTROLLER: Initialising from recipe

11:36:49: VALIDATE: Creating validator for view ID 'audio_manual'

11:36:49: VALIDATE: Validating Prodigy and recipe config

11:36:49: CONFIG: Using config from global prodigy.json

11:36:49: DB: Initializing database SQLite

11:36:49: DB: Connecting to database SQLite

11:36:49: DB: Creating dataset '2021-09-01_11-36-49'

11:36:49: FEED: Initializing from controller

11:36:49: FILTER: Filtering duplicates from stream

11:36:49: API: Mounting static /user_files from local path: /Users/aaronconway/recordings

11:36:49: CORS: initialized with wildcard "*" CORS origins

:sparkles: Starting the web server at http://localhost:8080 ...

Open the app in your browser and start annotating!

Hi! I just tried it locally and can't reproduce this, so this is definitely strange :thinking: When you open your browser's developer console, do you see any errors there that could be related? Also, which browser are you using?