Annotation instructions in multiple languages?

1.10 gives us the awesome option to set annotation interface languages. Do I assume correctly that annotation instructions don't yet support localisation? For what it's worth, that would be a helpful feature for a lot of my use cases.

Hi! The annotation instructons can be provided via a file, so one option to switch the UI language and instructions at the same time could be to add an argument to your custom recipe so you can something like --ui-lang de when you start up the server. In the config returned by the recipe, you could then set the ui_lang config and use a different path for the instructions, depending on the language.

We definitely want to add more features for localisation going forward, so we can probably also find a way to make this work mor smoothly (e.g. by providing a dictionary of instruction paths, keyed by language). I also want to introduce an option for custom localisation :slightly_smiling_face:

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Introducing the instructions via the recipe is a clever idea. Thank you!

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