Adding search to new docs

Love the new website but miss being able to control F the old HTML docs.
If possible could you add search to the old docs?

I've often found myself searching here or control F searching through various docs pages

Ah yes, I've been meaning to check if we can add Algolia Docsearch but I didn't get around to it yet, sorry! And I wanted to explore compiling one single page with all the docs at build time, so if you want it all on one page, you could go to /docs/all or something like that.

If it's easy to do both that would be awesome! Algolia Docsearch looks super cool, I'll have to check that out for some other projects.

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That was quick, already got our search index set up :tada: Interactive search is now live across the docs. If you've visited the docs recently, it might need a hard refresh.

I can highly recommend Algolia DocSearch! All the indexing is taken care of and if needed, you can customise the rules with CSS selectors. And it's really easy to integrate, you just attach it to an existing input field.

Thanks so much! That was incredibly fast and already really useful for me!

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