Multiple Document Inputs

The use case is multi-document summarization in which annotators will be shown a summary (a paragraph) on one side and multiple documents (up to 20-30) on the other. I was hoping to have a dropdown list of each of the titles of documents as well as some sort of search functionality to help users find specific information more quickly. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Griffin.

Could you share some details on the task? It feels like this might theoretically be doable with custom recipes and custom HTML components, but I worry that the flow is not going to be pragmatic. Hosting 20-30 documents is a lot of screen real estate, and I can imagine it'll take a while to label if a user needs to check in with many documents.

I might not understand the task very well, though. So just to check; are you generating a summary of 20 documents? Or do you have a summary and are you checking if the provided documents belong to the summary? Is there a reason why the documents need to be on the screen at the same time? Is there a reason why the document search feature cannot exist in a separate tab?

Hi Vincent - thanks for the reply. It's an evaluation of a paragraph-length summary where the inputs are multiple documents. Theoretically it could be in a separate tab. I've written it as a drop-down within a custom HTML component where the documents are listed by their titles (it's clinical text so the titles have well-established meanings). I think I'll see how it goes right now and how it scales up.