Academic License

Hi, how long does it take for the 3-month academic license to be approved? I applied about 4 days ago.


I guess you don’t have academic licenses. I want to trial your software at the University of Auckland. Let me know if this is possible.

Hi Derek,

We have to approve the academic licenses manually, as a lot of the requests we get are from people who’ve left academia but still have a university email address.

I think it would be best if you explored other options.


Great let me know what evidence you need and I will send it through.

You clearly don’t provide academic licenses. I am not sure how we are to test your software without them.

We do support many researchers with trial licenses, and actually we’re usually happy to extend the trial. However this isn’t something we’re obligated to do — it’s subject to approval, and we’ve chosen not to give you a license. Please explore other options.