Researcher interim license application


I applied for the researcher interim license about a week ago (I am a Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon). I was wondering how long can the approval process take?

It also came to my mind that my name can appear in different spellings on the university website – Vitalii Merso and Vitaly Meursault both refer to me and I have two official university emails corresponding to those names. I am sorry if that complicates the verification process. Let me know if some additional information is needed to confirm my status.

Sorry we were a bit behind on the license approvals. We have to work through these manually as we do get a lot of invalid requests. You should now have received an email with the download link :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! I got the link. Excited to start working with Prodigy!

Hi Mathew,
I am Sami, currently a graduate student at USF. I applied for Researcher's license but I haven't received any confirmation email. Can you please check or tell me how much time will it take to process the application ?