How long should I expect to wait for a response on my student license application ?


I submitted an application for a license to use Prodigy as a student of a degree-granting institution (the university e-mail used in the application is, which is different from the one registered on this forum account).

I am a bit surprised that I didn’t receive any confirmation email - was the application submitted successfully and if so, how long should I expect to wait before hearing back? Prodigy seems to be light years ahead of the other annotation tools I’ve seen, but I have limited time to get started on my project, so I need to decide whether I should wait or go for an alternative.


Hi Luca,

We process the research license requests in batches, as we need to look at them manually. We just sent out a batch of licenses, so you should have received an email today. Let me know if it didn’t come through.


Got it, can’t wait to get my hands dirty. Thanks!