Wrap checkbox fails in the review server

When using the "review" view_id, the consensus sample to label is at the top, and the samples from different sessions are displayed vertically.

The wrap checkbox for the consensus sample collapses the text of only that sample. However, the individual sessions' samples' wrap boxes, do not seem to do anything at all.

Not sure if this will be useful for troubleshooting, but I also get this warning 4x in the chrome console every time I click the box:

Konva warning: hitGraphEnabled method is deprecated. Please use layer.listening() instead.
warn @ bundle.js:33459
setHitGraphEnabled @ bundle.js:38965
(anonymous) @ bundle.js:35392
_batchTransformChanges @ bundle.js:35488
setAttrs @ bundle.js:35383
Node2 @ bundle.js:34959
Container$2 @ bundle.js:36586
Layer$3 @ bundle.js:38679
createInstance$1 @ bundle.js:54000
Cg2 @ bundle.js:50334
Zh2 @ bundle.js:52214
ai2 @ bundle.js:52194
$h2 @ bundle.js:52186
Qh2 @ bundle.js:52175
Mh2 @ bundle.js:51931
ad2 @ bundle.js:47285
ge2 @ bundle.js:51674
exports2.updateContainer @ bundle.js:53546
(anonymous) @ bundle.js:54345
Rj @ bundle.js:7563
lk @ bundle.js:8156
jk @ bundle.js:8142
ik @ bundle.js:8111
Xk @ bundle.js:8952
Qk @ bundle.js:8907
Fk @ bundle.js:8623
jg @ bundle.js:4013
(anonymous) @ bundle.js:8395

Prodigy v1.14.14
Chrome 122.0.6261.112
ARM64 Sonoma 14.2.1 Mac

Hi @peter-axion,

Thanks for reporting. Putting it on our tracker. I'll report back when it is fixed.