Review screen does not work with view-id of choice - Oops something went wrong

I am trying to review labels but when I launch the review screen with the choice view, I get the Oops Something went wrong error when I open the annotation screen.

The labels I am trying to review were uploaded using db-in so may not have a view listed against them (this may be relevant)

prodigy review import_test_multiple_reviewed import_test_multiple5 --label CARDIOMEGALY,EDEMA --view-id choice

It works OK with the classification view.

Is this a genuine bug? Is there a workaround (I think it might be possible to add the view-id when uploading the data with db-in

Hi! Is there an error message in your terminal? That should explain what the underlying problem was that means that the app couldn't start – like a data validation issue, or something else.

(If you don't see an error in your terminal, try opening your browser's developer console and see if there's an error there. This would mean there's likely a bug or missing check in the web app itself.)