Why does prodigy not find python?

Hi, this might be a very basic question ( :see_no_evil: ), but when I try to use a prodigy recipe, I get the following message:
/home/suser/.local/bin/prodigy: 2: python: not found

I installed prodigy, spacy and python (python works perfectly in other elsewhere), so unsure what is causing the issue. Is it due to Prodigy being specified for a specific python version? I am using Python 3.10.6

Thanks in advance for all help!

How are you running Prodigy? My recommendation is via;

python -m prodigy ...

It could be that you're experiencing a virtualenv mishap. While a bit dated, this calmcode course might help you get up to scratch in that domain if you're unfamiliar.

Ah, yes this is a very basic mistake as i thoughy :see_no_evil: adding python -m helped! Thanks :smiley: