Where is PRODIGY_README.html?

I see references to it in the online documentation, but I can’t find it on the website or in any of the installed Prodigy files.

It should be part of the files you’re able to download via your download link. You can find the link in your original order confirmation, or in the update emails you receive for new versions.

The download overview page should look something like this:

The “Prodigy Documentation” should download a file PRODIGY_README.html, which contains the full API reference and more extensive documentation and usage details.

I see. The person at my company who handles software licenses did the actual downloading and just sent me the installer, so I never saw this page.

Any reason not to put it online as an API link as well?

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The extensive API documentation in the PRODIGY_README.html is part of the Prodigy package you purchase. So we don’t really think it makes sense to publish it online for everyone, especially since it’s only really relevant for users of Prodigy.

In the documentation on the site, we try to cover the most important aspects and workflows. This is nice for existing users, but also for everyone else who wants to know more about Prodigy and how it works. After all, it’s a developer tool, so we want to make sure that people can see code examples and the most important docs before they buy a license.

Makes sense. I have an unusual install scenario since someone grabbed the package for me and didn’t give me all the files.

I am currently on a temporary academic license and it seems like my download portal does not include the PRODIGY_README.HTML. I'm not sure if this intentional or not, but it would be nice to have access to the documentation.

@JoeEHoover The docs are now all available on the website – also see here:

Ah, sorry, I didn't realize! I've been using the docs, but also wondering if there was any other info in the readme.


I have research licence, how would I be able to access the PRODIGY_README.html in that case. Since, I have the following as the downloadable files:

@nrjanjanam See my post above: Where is PRODIGY_README.html?

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Yup, got it now. Thank you!

The JSON task format examples in the new documentation are so helpful!!

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