Weird timestamps in Prodigy logs

I’m running ner-teach with PRODIGY_LOGGING=basic and I see the following timestamps.

15:01:37 - DB: Creating dataset 'full-doc-effective-date'
15:01:37 - DB: Loading dataset 'full-doc-effective-date' (0 examples)
15:01:37 - DB: Creating dataset '2018-01-15_15-48-37'
15:01:01 - GET: /project
15:01:02 - GET: /get_questions
15:01:02 - CONTROLLER: Iterating over stream
15:01:02 - FILTER: Filtering duplicates from stream

Notice how the timestamp goes back in time from 15:01:37 to 15:01:01. Is this a bug?

Thanks! And wow, this took me a while to figure out – and I’m pretty surprised this hasn’t come up before. Our time formatting string contained a typo and uses %m instead of %M. So it’s outputting the month instead of the minutes :joy:

Will be fixed in the next release!